Kenwood Cooking Chef XL - SKU KCL95004SI


Connect to the Kenwood World App for step by step recipe inspiration straight to your mixer, experience ultimate temperature control with induction heating technology up to 180° and weigh directly into your bowl with the in built, precision EasyWeigh scale.

Powerful Kenwood mixer that also cooks. Precise, induction heating technology allows you to control temperatures from 20-180° in 1° increments, making Cooking Chef XL perfect for performing the most delicate bakery tasks including chocolate tempering, while also getting hot enough to handle delicious stir fries.

Access 100s of sweet and savoury recipes from the Kenwood World App

In built EasyWeigh scales save time and reduce mess while baking

Controlling your Cooking Chef XL couldn't be easier with the intuitive, 4.3" CookAssist™ touchscreen

13 SimpleTouch Presets

LightLift head

25+ optional attachments

EasyClean tools

Attachments - Creaming beater, Dough hook, Heat guard, K-beater, Steamer basket, Stirring tool, Whisk

Bowl size - 6.7 litre

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